Contest!! 💖

I’m going to be making a new blog and you get to decide the title!!!!

I’m hosting a little contest to try and see if I can find a new blog name that is catchy yet classy and relates to the theme.

The winner will receive bragging rights and a little note on my new website! (Also, the possibility of having their blog linked on my blog.

Here is somewhat of a description of what I’m hoping to design the blog after I’ve found a title…

I would like the blog to reflect my twenties but still be able to use it even after I’ve passed through into my thirties.

The blog will probably end up being more like a lifestyle blog, with a section for random posts, a section for art/projects/kids activities, a section for spiritual/encouraging posts, a section for music/movies (favorites/recommended), and a page for some photography.

I hope that this gives you a little bit of an idea of what I’m looking for!

I really like a ton of different styles, so don’t be nervous that I may not like an idea that you may have!

I can’t wait to see what you all have…

Just so you know, I may really like your title but end up changing a word or two, so please don’t take offense to me not using the full title that you submit…

Entry: A title for a blog
Bonus entry: a theme
Bonus entry 2: A color scheme

(The bonus entry is for if I like two or more titles, and I can’t really decide, then I’ll pick out of a hat or something.)

I will be announcing the winner in the next week to week-and-a-half.






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