Life is Beautiful

So you may have noticed that I have not posted anything at all during the month of February, and sincerely apologize to all you faithful readers.

I thought that I would give something of an update of what has been going on.

During the beginning of February, we didn’t really do to much, mainly school and all that, but then towards the middle of February we got the news that my grandmother might have pancreatic cancer. (Fact: because of all the organs in that area, to have cancer there means to have a very aggressive cancer)

Because of this news, we planned to go to Mexico. However, we weren’t quite sure about how long we were going to stay.

Then on a Monday, right after debate class and dinner, my parents told us that they got the news that my grandmother (or Abuelita – as we call her) did indeed have cancer.

So, we began packing to leave on Friday.

Tuesday though, I got my permit signed, so that I could finally legally drive – as long as I have an adult that was over eighteen, and on Thursday two of my sisters, my violin teacher, and I went to nursing homes to play some violin music for them and let them know that people care for them.

So we finally left on Friday morning and drove to Arizona, were we spent the night and then drove to Mexico.

A long while ago my family and I watched a movie called The Measure of a Man (the Christian movie, not the other one) and in that movie there was some narration and the one quote that I have always remembered since then is this quote, “The father is the backbone of the family, but the mother is the heart.”

As I thought about Abuelita, this quote came to my mind and I thought about how true this was, especially for her. My grandmother is so involved with so many lives, and has affected so many people.

I couldn’t even really think about coming to Mexico and not seeing her here, though, just made me start to cry…

Anyway, we got to Mexico, and now we have been spending time with her and the rest of the family.

Currently, she’s at the hospital and we are just going to wait until the parents get back to see if there is any new news about what’s going on.

I know that there have been some of you praying for my family and for my grandmother, and I wanted to thank you all so much. They are appreciated, and I love the notes that I’ve been getting from people that have encouraged me, they make me smile.

My grandmother’s life is beautiful and extremely special to many people.

My grandmother passed away on March 3, and though she will be greatly missed, she is with the Lord who she loved dearly.

Since this is an update on life, and not just my grandmother, there are other super awesome  things that have been going on with my family. First up, my mother and dad are going to have a baby!! Whoop whoop! The baby is due in July, which would be super awesome since we currently don’t have a baby that has been born during the month of July.

While I was thinking about pregnancy and all of that, a thought came into my head about an idea that would be cool to do as a gender reveal party or something. When a woman goes in for an ultrasound, the doctors typically tend to ask the mother if they want to know the gender.

Now here is how my idea comes in… Instead of having the doctor tell them directly, have the doctor/nurse write the gender onto a piece of paper and then put that piece of paper into an envelope. Following the ultrasound, go to a bakery or whatever and have them bake a cake – or whatever – and the cake is the color corresponding with the gender (blue for boy + pink for girl, or whatever you choose.)

The tricky part is having the baker know what to do, and not having the baker spill the beans to you or your husband. Tell the baker that you want the cake covered in white frosting/or whatever, decorate it and then take it home…

This way, nobody knows about the gender except for the doctor/nurse and the baker. Then, plan an elaborate party and have the guests choose different games and choose necklaces or something decorative that shows everyone else what gender they think the baby is going to be..

Then, near the end of the party cut the cake and everyone gets know the gender at once! I don’t know, I think that this would be a good idea to try at some point.. I think it would be pretty cool.. 🙂

Another cool thing is that my sister started her own blog: Blibiophile, which is a blog about books and reading. It’s a super cute blog, and I recommend checking it out.

Best wishes to all of you!

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